Available Time Slots


Reserve A Photo Time

"Why should I buy a picture when I have my phone?" 

Camera phones are so convenient when it comes to capturing and storing memories on the go, but the only thing missing from your selfie is that fresh perspective from a professional photographer and the undeniable aesthetic of having a physical print. Some things are just better presented in its original form... Printed Images are definitely one of them. Reserve a time slot to have your memorable moments captured through the eyes of an artist. 

VIP Photoshoot Reservations

"I want to take pictures with my group and purchase prints. What should I do?"

Reserve and confirm a time slot thats available from the booking calendar below. Once you have your time slot confirmed, meet the photographer at the desired shooting location. You images will then be taken. Depending on the group size, each booking allows for at least a minute of shooting time. You will be able to glance at the images with the photographer to make sure you have decent options but final decisions on prints will be chosen with the photographers assistant. You will be able to view all images and make printing decisions with the assistant.

I want to purchase "a lot" of prints. Is there a bulk discount available?

Unfortunately, we dont offer bulk discounts. But we can suggest you buy the high-res download of the images you want for the event album. Once you have the high-res download, you'll be able to make additional prints from home or from a printing center like that of Sams Club or CVS.

How do I see the picture that were taken from todays event?

Navigate to the Albums page and choose your event date. Albums are updated every 30mins. with new images from the event. Images will be watermarked but will be avaiable for download, print purchases and more without the watermark!

"Will I be able to use cash to buy my picture?"

We are limiting the acceptace of cash at this time. To speed up the photo-taking and payment process, we will be limiting the cash exchange process and will be accepting electronic payments as an alternate. If you MUST use cash, you will be able to do so with the photographers asistant. We will be accpeting all credit/debit cards, Zelle & Cashapp.

"What is a VIP Photoshoot Reservation and why would I need one?"

A VIP photoshoot reservation is dedicated time that you'll have uninterrupted with the photographer for your personal shots. During the event, the photographer will be working the whole building taking random images to capture the entire events aesthetic. Without a reservation, there is no guarentee that youll have many shots of you or your group. Reservations are free. You only pay for any prints you may want.

Reservations are FREE. Just pay for the picture you want!

The reservations are just in place to keep the process organized and make sure that those who surely want to be in the events images will be! Theres no obligation to purchase an image unless you want to. If you want to prepay for your images CLICK HERE. A reservation will still be needed to have you picture taken.