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Things To DO - Places To Go

 We’re very close to seeing you in the Crab Capital for our next event and we’re super excited.   We want to take a second to recap a few particulars on the upcoming event so we’re all on the same page.


Where To Eat

All tickets have been emailed over to the email address given when ordering.  If you haven’t received your tickets, please let me know by replying to this email and I’ll have a follow-up one sent.   Simply print the attachment and bring it with you to the event.   We’ll scan the barcode at the door and you’re good to go.      


Note:  Inside of 7 days we have a no-cancellation policy.  If something comes up between now and Friday, the ticket is transferable to another party if you wish to gift or sell it.    Refunds aren’t possible at this time.   If you’d like us to be on the lookout for a last-minute person wanting to purchase tickets, please let us know.    

Where To Party

We’ve reduced the maximum count for the event so there will be extra space to accommodate the seating of large groups.   No worries here.   


Where To Shop


MOST IMPORTANT – In order to have a great Crab & Cruise™ experience, we need you here ON TIME.   The feast starts at 4:30pm sharp.   For those driving in that day, please allow extra time for travel.   Various beach traffic can severely slow the roads down in the nearby area on summer weekends.  Check-in begins at 3:30pm.  


16-time world picking champion, Hurricane Hazel, will be giving picking demonstrations from 3:30pm to 4:30pm to help pass the time if you arrive early.   There are also a few unique gift shops a little further South on Maryland Ave that are worth passing the time in.   Food will be served until 6:15pm and the feast ends promptly at 6:30PM.


Note:  To keep ticket pricing under control with the recent spike in crab costs, no doggie bags or to-go bags are allowed, EVEN IF YOU ARE LATE.  Your ticket entitles you to as much food as you wish to consume between the hours of 4:30pm-6:30pm.   Because of the all-you-can-eat format, we do not offer to-go boxes under any circumstances, and we cannot allow patrons to continue eating after 6:30 once we begin cleaning up.   


Bottom line, eat as much as your heart desires from 4:30-6:30 and, by all means, BE ON TIME by giving yourself an extra hour or so of expected travel time so that you get the most out of your 2 hours of feasting because we have to stop promptly at 6:30 to begin the transition to the boat.  Draft beer (Miller Lite/Coors Light) is included with your ticket price.   We’ll also have an assortment of complimentary sodas and plenty of water.  And, as always, you’ll be able to purchase an assortment of cocktails and SPECIALTY DRINKS (including Orange Crushes) from the bar.   Bar service will be available shortly after the gate opens at 3:30pm. 


The posted speed is 30MPH in city limits.   Please slow down coming into town. Come for a good time... not a LONG time!!



NOW is the time to plan for your designated driver.   Maryland takes drinking and driving seriously.   Please do not drive a vehicle after drinking.   The risks and consequences simply aren’t worth it


No backpacks, tote bags or other large bags are permitted inside the building. Small purses are acceptable. Bags must be either left in your vehicle or at the front gate.



For those attending both the feast and the cruise – The boat leaves at 7:00pm sharp.   Boarding will take place from 6:30pm-7:00pm.  We’ll be boarding the boat at Tangier Island Cruises (1001 W Main St, Crisfield).  The boat is located about 1/3 mile from The Crab Place restaurant.  If you’d like to walk off some of the food and leave your car in our parking lot, that’s fine. Or there’s parking right in front of the boat.   You can’t miss it.   There will be a complimentary raw oyster bar on the lower level of the boat.    The boat portion is still BYOB and you’re able to bring whatever beer and/or liquor that you desire during the sail.   2nd Note: BYOB is for the cruise only.   Alcohol permit regulations will not allow outside alcohol to be brought into the restaurant establishments.  95.7FM DJ Big Mark will be on the top level to keep you entertained throughout the evening and DJ Adam Dutch will also play on the lower level.  The boat will return to land at 9:30pm.  


Top deck FYI –

Seating on the top deck is reserved for those that purchased upper level reserved in addition to the regular crab & cruise ticket   Those that have upper-level reserved seats will have a special wristband to identify them and will have exclusive access to the seats.    However, you don’t need a seat to enjoy the entertainment.   Come on up when you hear your song and hit the dance floor, or just stand wherever you can and enjoy the music.   And as it’s always been, there’s plenty of open seating on the lower level.  

VIP Seats on Upper Level.   If you’ve purchased Full Package tickets and you’d like to upgrade to VIP, please let US know before they sell out and we’ll take care of it for you. 


As the weather fluctuates here near the water, please keep an eye out on the forecast for weather changes. Please bring a jacket for the boat as it can be chilly on the water early in the season when the sun sets.

Capains Carry-Out Menu


Captains Carryout is on the corner of 10th street beside the entrance to the cruise boat.   They’ll be open until 10:00pm if you’re looking for food after getting off the boat.   You can pre-order before leaving on the cruise and they’ll have it ready for you at 9:30pm when you return to shore. 

After the Cruise – For those staying in town and looking for somewhere to go, The Crab Place will be open until 11:00pm.   The bar will be open and we’ll have the tv’s on with the house system playing music.    The kitchen will not be open.   You’re free to bring in outside food (see the Captain’s Carryout note above) if you wish.   And you can also get free delivery on orders from Café Carryout across the street.


We’ve had people in the past book their hotel stay in Solomon’s Island or Lexington Park.   Marriott’s online tool shows hotels in those areas being 20-30 miles from the event (which it is).   However, that’s by boat.   It’s about 4 hours away by car.   Unless you’ve brought a high-quality raft, that hotel probably isn’t suitable.   The closest Marriott is in Salisbury (about 40 minutes away).   There are other hotels listed at that are either right in Crisfield or close by.    

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Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 2.40.04 AM.png


Crab Place – 504 Maryland Ave, Crisfield

Tangier Island Cruises – 1001 W Main St, Crisfield


Crab Feast (4:30pm-6:30) – Sodas/water/draft beer are complimentary and assorted cocktails available for purchase – NO BYOB


Cruise (7:00pm-9:30pm) – sodas/water (complimentary) and BYOB/BYOL is allowed (Ask about our unique assortment of to-go drinks at the bar!) SINGLE-HANDED COOLERS ONLY! Large coolers will NOT be allowed on the boat.

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For those that need local transportation, you can reach our local cab company at 443-.783.-2486. If the cab is needed after 6pm, it needs to be reserved and paid for in advance, since the cab does not run at night unless it is pre-booked. They will cover local areas: Crisfield, Pocomoke, Princess Anne, and Salisbury. 


If you need someone the day of the event, you can text or call Carman at 443.397.4267 (please use 410.968.3167 on any day prior to Saturday).  I think that’s it.  See you all this weekend, we can’t wait!

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