Treat yourself to something delicious. Online VIP orders will reserve your treat from being sold out during the event. Treats ordered the day of the event at the bar will be slightly more expensive + a required 18% Gratuity.

Frozen Crabbers Sunset Pineapple

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Whipped Frozen Pineapples+OJ+Strawberries

+Ciroc Pineapple (served in a syringe)

Fabulously Big & Seriously Delicious: This frozen pineapple drink is an exclusive VIP addition to your Crab & Cruise feast! Both picture perfect and thirst quenching, this masterpiece boasts a hollowed pineapple whose sweet contents have been frozen and blended with OJ and layered with an in-house made strawberry puree. The contents of the pineapple arrive to you alcohol-free with your Premium Pineapple Ciroc half-filled syringe shot (1.5oz/45ml) on the side to add to your drink as you please.

Please note: A optional double shot =1 full syringe= 3 full ounces

Optional Add-On's:

  • VIRGIN (Alcohol FREE): Enjoy the sweet stuff without the boozy kick. Your pineapple will arrive without the alcohol filled syringe.
  • NO Whipped Cream: Whipped Cream comes on this drink automatically but you can opt-out of this addition by simply requesting we not add it.
  • Extra shot: For an additional charge, you can have your drink come with an extra shot. Your extra shot is 1 FULL syringe which is equal to 3oz. The standard pineapple drink comes with a half filled syringe which is 1.5 oz of alcohol.
  • TO-GO cup prepared to take with you on the boat: Add the to-go drink option to your order and get the same pineapple goodness in a large 24oz cup to-go that you can add your own alcohol to. Save the syringe that was included in your 1st drink to customized your to-go drink on the boat however you like.

AGAIN! MAKE THEM ENVY YOUR DRINK. ORDER IN ADVANCE! Your Crabbers Sunset Pineapple will come out before 5pm during the feast. Your TO-GO add-on can be picked up at the END OF THE FEAST on your way out to the boat. To redeem your pre-order, simply check in with your server (assigned to your table) when your arrive.

To Redeem Your Pre Order: You will receive a voucher at the gate checkin. Once you know your table number, you may redeem your voucher at the bar for delivery to your assigned table.

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